I’ve become so used to not having sugar, I feel like it’s just become natural at this point! This week, I started planning recipes and menus for the Super Bowl, and while the beginning of the week had me wishing I could indulge, by Sunday, I wasn’t even phased by it.  I actually didn’t even want to add any desserts to the menu. #Growth.

In the past, whenever I’ve tried to cut back on sugar, I’ve always set dates or events when I was “allowed” to have it again.  And that’s really been the problem all along- just like when people diet, you can’t view it as a diet, it has to be a lifestyle change.  So, I was always setting myself up for failure by saying, “Ok, on this day I can eat cake and cookies and chocolate again!” When I knew that it wouldn’t just be that day- sugar is addictive (as we’ve talked about) and bingeing that one day was only going to make me want more.

This time I’m determined to make it stick.  As I said last week, I hope to only indulge when I really want something, or when I’m recipe testing.  Otherwise, I really want to maintain this new behavior I’ve started by turning to savory, nutritious foods when I need energy, and training my mind and body that it doesn’t “need” something sweet after every meal.

Honestly, I don’t have too much to report this week.  I’m feeling really proud of myself for making it past the 21-day mark for creating a “new habit”, and confident heading in to the final week.  I’m almost a little sad that it’s almost over, even though I know how ridiculous that sounds, since I plan to maintain my behavior anyway.

Have any of you been taking part in this Sugar and Intoxicant Cleanse with me? What specific questions do you have? Leave me a comment below and let’s chat!

Monday 1/16/17 (Day 16)

Surprisingly, today I wanted to eat all things sugary! Actually, not surprising. I was doing research for some Super Bowl food inspiration, and kept coming across chocolate covered this, and Oreo stuffed that. And yea, #foodporn is real. It just goes to show- no matter what your goal is in life, you have to put yourself in an environment that is conducive to your goals! I wasn’t craving sweets until I was bombarded by their slutty images.

Just like when I was working as a logistic executive for Target- I NEVER ate candy or junk food the way I did during my time there, BUT it was ALWAYS around so eventually I caved and adapted to my environment. No one else there cared about their health. No one else was turning it down, I actually drew more attention to myself each time I said “no” to a treat.  Consequently, giving in once, turned to twice, three times, and then eventually there wasn’t a work day that passed without me eating some form of crappy food. It became a vicious cycle of feeling “up” by the sugar high, then feeling “down” once the energy wore off and I felt absolutely horrible mentally and physically.

But, I did not give in to my environment this time! I was able to put my mind to work with another task, and allowed myself to simply forget about the craving.

Tuesday 1/17/17 (Day 17)

I had tempeh and a bowl of minestrone soup for breakfast.  Then I was testing a sweet potato fry recipe (coming soon) and they were so good I ate the entire potato.  The potato wasn’t that big, by grams only totaling around 300 calories, but because it was “sweet” I wanted to dive into that behavior a little more, so a few thoughts on that:

  1. I haven’t had sweet potato fries in a long time (although these were baked) so maybe I just forgot how good they were and wanted more.
  2. I could have just been really hungry, eating this after teaching 3 classes and before teaching 2 more, and sweet potato is simply great energy pre and post workout.
  3. It could have been the potato tasted sweeter than normal (although seasoned savory) since I haven’t had much sugar in my diet the past 3 weeks, and it was the sugar that made me keep wanting more.  While this is a possibility, I don’t think this is the case, because I didn’t feel that same “sugar pulse” as I call it making me really push to eat more.

Wednesday 1/18/17 (Day 18)

Yesterday I marinated tempeh triangles in a peanut sauce that is one of my most popular recipes for chicken.  I’ve been trying to find a way to make that marinade work for a vegan recipe and I’m so happy I finally did! When I cooked it today I could not stop snacking on it.  Between the satiating effect of peanut butter, plus all the protein from the tempeh, I was not craving anything sweet today- yay! (Don’t worry- this tempeh recipe is coming soon). I like to think this was a way for me to “slay my sugar dragon” since the light sweetness of the peanut butter (although there was no sugar in it) was enough to blunt any cravings before they even started.

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Thursday 1/19/17 (Day 19)

Well, I thought the peanut tempeh would last me a lot longer than it did, but nope, today I polished it off. Anyway, it was super satisfying and kept me from wanting sugar again, so I’ll take it.

Friday 1/20/17 (Day 20)

My everyday smoothie tasted extra refreshing today when I had it post workout.  Then, I had leftover butternut squash and arugula for lunch with a side of avocado toast.  However, sugar cravings came as I went to teach my 4th and 5th class of the day. I’m lucky that the community at the Northern Kentucky Modo is so supportive, as they all came in the door asking how the sugar cleanse was going, and I think being about to voice how I was feeling helped me refocus on my goals.  I was having cravings in that moment, but I was able to acknowledge that it was just because I was tired after a long week, so my body wanted to reach for a quick burst of energy.  After teaching, I had Chipotle for dinner, (for the first time in months!) and that is so filling, I didn’t have room to even want for dessert.

Since I know many people will ask 🙂 my Chipotle order is:

-White Rice (their brown rice is so processed, the only benefit it has over the white rice is 1 extra gram of fiber…and a much worse taste!)
-Black Beans (1/2 scoop if they listen, lol)
-Lots of Fajita veggies
-Corn Salsa
-Mild Tomato Salsa

Saturday 1/21/17 (Day 21)

I was at Fresh Thyme today and they had samples of 3 different pizzas out.  Not just your typical bite, ENTIRE SLICES. *sigh* And I was hungry (mistake #1 of going grocery shopping).  I just had to walk away, and as I did, I ran in to a table sampling all varieties of local honey *double sigh*.  I freaking love honey.  (I talked a little bit why I keep it in my diet here.)  But, I was able to walk away with very little sulking-lol-I’ve definitely strengthened my will power in this challenge! (If you’re just tuning in to my recaps of this 30 day Challenge, part of the initial proposal is giving up junk food i.e. pizza, although I’ve focused these summaries on sugar because that has been my main concern).  Another day down sticking to my goals!

Sunday 1/22/17 (Day 22)

I spent the day recipe testing for Super Bowl recipes that are coming to blog next week- and per usual, I was tasting along the way, so didn’t have a chance to really get hungry.  As I’ve noted before, as long as I don’t let myself get super hungry, I’m likely able to ward off sugar cravings.  I probably ate too many calories overall today, but it was mostly on beans, veggies and fruits from the dips I had made, the only not-so-great thing I ate were the chips I used as my scoops.  Oh well, I’ll consider it a “refeed” day. (Back when I followed “If It Fits Your Macros” religiously, I had at least 1 refeed day a week- a day where my calories were significantly higher to increase my leptin levels, spike my metabolism, and give me a refreshed mental state).  I’m going to bed tonight feeling incredibly proud of myself for making it through the 3rd week of this challenge, and I’m excited to keep it going!