Peanut butter and miso is an intriguing flavor combination that caught my eye in the original version of these cookies from New York Times Cooking. I was pleasantly surprised when their flavor turned out decadently sweet, yet with a savory undertone brought from the miso, and of course, topped off with extra saltiness from the Maldon.  While NYT Cooking’s recipe was amazing, I have been on a HUGE peanut butter and white chocolate kick- AND no cookie is complete without massive chunks, in my opinion- so I knew on my next go round I had to add them in to make these White Chocolate Peanut Butter Miso Cookies.

I also wanted them to have even more peanut butter flavor- so I tripled the peanut butter in the original recipe.  Because the peanut butter adds additional protein to the batter, I halved the all-purpose flour with cake flour- a more delicate, less protein containing flour- and now I’m intrigued to see how chewy they would be with ALL cake flour. (Note: I have NOT tried these using exclusively all-purpose flour). And since I was on the trend of chunks + more peanut flavor already, I tossed in some peanuts as well to make these sweet, savory, buttery, salty, chewy, AND crunchy.  They really have it all and are an absolute can’t miss! Seriously- these White Chocolate Peanut Butter Miso Cookies are now a very close second to my Salted Double Chocolate Chunk cookies that are my all-time fave. (Nope, I’ve never shared that recipe 😉 )

And yes, I know this blog is called Health Tastes Good, but there’s much “health” to these cookies except for some fermentation from the miso and some protein from the peanut butter- but I will tell you, they’re DAMN GOOD and I hope you love them as much as me!

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