I have been on a cookie BENDER lately- and as we head in to my birthday and the holiday season, there are no signs of that changing anytime soon! While my signature Salty Triple Chocolate Chunk and White Chocolate Peanut Butter Miso Cookies will forever be my favorite, I’m determined to master many more varieties, starting with these Kitchen Sink Cookies.

Just like ice cream, the best thing about these cookies is the MIX-INS! And while these were inspired by What’s Gaby Cooking’s Dad’s Kitchen Sink Cookies, I’ve changed the ratios and switched up the candy to combine some of my favorite flavors- peanut butter, white chocolate, cinnamon, and salt! Plus, the chewy sweetness of the raisins, and the fruity tartness of the craisins, they really keep your tastebuds guessing and entertained.

There is so much going on in these cookies, it’s hard to decide what my favorite part is! Well, that’s a lie, my favorite part is eating the dough before they’re baked, because it is NEXT LEVEL (especially when you use more pretzels to *scoop* it up).

kitchen sink cookies, m&m cookies

When it comes to Kitchen Sink Cookies- you can truly throw in *anything* when it comes to mix-ins to make these cookies your own. While I use two specific chips- the Tollhouse Funfetti and Hershey’s Cinnamon– the funfetti can simply be swapped with white chocolate, and the cinnamon could be swapped with Reese’s peanut butter chips, chocolate, or anything else you fancy!

As a sucker for the sweet and salty combo in anything, I initially created this recipe with two cups of pretzels mixed in.  However, I found that after the pretzels sat inside the dough, and then they were baked- the pretzels ended up soggy, and the salty crunch was totally missed.  So, I found just baking them on top allowed them to stay in more of their true form, and I’d encourage you to press as many pretzels on top of each cookie as possible, because they’re a damn good edition 😉

kitchen sink cookies, m&m cookies

On top of how good they taste- don’t they just look SO FUN?! One of my favorite parts about baking with m&ms is the colorful JOY they add to any recipe- like this Popcorn Cake! These Kitchen Sink Cookies truly are treat for your eyes and your mouth… enjoy!

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