You need these in your life RIGHT. NOW. Seriously, skip everything else I have to say, go to Trader Joe’s to get some cookie butter, and then come back and bake as you read.  I mean, cake pops are already delicious enough as they are, but the addition of cookie butter makes them irresistible.  (I’m pretty sure the only ingredients in this stuff are: crack, brown sugar, oil, and some extra crack…just for good measure.)  I actually haven’t bought in 2 years until now because I couldn’t stop myself from eating a spoonful each time I passed by it.

cookie butter, cake pops

The lightly sweetened, rich caramel and gingerbread flavor of the cake is broken up by the uber sweet, melt-in-your-mouth, creamy white chocolate shell.  Yea, did I mention how freakin delicious these Cookie Butter cake pops are?!? While they are not vegan and not healthy it is Thanksgiving, so I think we can all allow ourselves a little splurge on this day 😉  Plus, these are the PERFECT dessert to serve at your table because:

  • You can make these up to a week ahead of time (or in this case, today) and store in either the freezer or the refrigerator
  • They’re two-bite-sized, which is ideal since by the time the meal is over, everyone is so full it’s painful to eat dessert (but if you’re like me, you fight through it, because something sweet must always follow dinner!)
  • They have the perfect spiced fall flavor, and we’ve got to get all of that in before peppermint fully takes over!

If you’re new to making cake pops, take your time with this first go-round.  I’ve made dozens of batches in my life, and I only finally feel like I’m getting the hang of it.  A few things to note to ensure your success are:

  1. It’s very important to refrigerate or freeze the pops in between each step (as described below) or else the cake might fall off the stick, or the cake might start to ooze oil into the chocolate
  2. Rolling the balls in measured batches of dough will help ensure a smooth finish.  I used to just “eyeball” the amount of cake in each dessert, and although they appeared smooth to me, it wasn’t until after dipping in the chocolate that the lumpiness really started to show.  It also helps the cake stay on the stick better since it won’t be as heavy
  3. You must thin the dipping chocolate with oil or else when it dries, it will be very thick and impossible to bite in to
Really work the batter until the cake is creamy and smooth.
Really work the batter until the cake is creamy and smooth.


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