Taco Salad brings my two loves together, Mexican food and salad.  Seriously, I crave salad 80% of my life (but don’t be fooled, the other 20% I’m dreaming of chocolate chunk cookies or vegan Double Chocolate Sweet Potato Muffins).

When I got my first full-time job, I brought this for lunch nearly every day for a year.  No joke.  It got to the point, where my Taco Salad was the lunchtime joke.  Laugh all you want co-workers, Taco Salad is what got me through hundreds of team meals without being tempted by the pizza and fried foods others were eating, because this salad is THAT good.

taco salad, meal prep, vegan taco salad, taco tuesday

Despite being packed full of flavor and nutrients, perhaps my favorite part of Taco Salad is its versatility to be morphed into other meals throughout the week.  If you prep the protein + pepper mix on Sunday, you can take it for a low-carb lunch over greens the next day, you can serve it over rice and beans at dinner for a heartier meal, and then on Tuesday, just stuff the filling into a taco shell and Instagram that ishhh for a hassle-free #TacoTuesday.

taco salad, meal prep, vegan taco salad, taco tuesday

This recipe is seriously a cinch, and is a no-brainer for meal prep! We all need some go-to light meals going into the holiday season, right?! If you make this recipe, be sure to tag me on Instagram! @ellen_whitney

taco salad, meal prep, vegan taco salad, taco tuesday2

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