The idea for Elote Pasta LITERALLY came to me in the middle of the night a few weeks ago, while I was staring at my ceiling trying to go to sleep.  Clearly, I don’t just dream of carbs when I’m sleeping, they’re always on my mind….

elote pasta, elote

But wait! I know when you hear “pasta” you immediately write this off as a carb-laden splurge meal, but actually, this dish is higher in protein than it is carbs! If you’ve never had true elote- it’s Mexican Street Corn slathered in spices, creamy sour cream/mayo/cheese, and finished with herbs, lime, and more spices.  It truly is a delight, but I am not here for sour cream or mayonnaise.  Thus, to create the “creaminess” as the base, I reverted to one of my favorite vegan “alfredo” sauces- made primarily from silken tofu- making it protein packed instead of fat-heavy like a traditional cream-based sauce. Also, I use a green lentil pasta- so not only is the sauce full of muscle building amino acids, the pasta is too! While there are many “alternative” pastas out there, Tolerant Foods is the only one I’ve found to like so far (because it’s not dry or waxy!) and that’s what I feature in Elote Pasta.

elote, elote pasta, everything but the elote

While this recipe does call for some specific ingredients, they are staples that I promise you will love! Number one is the “Everything But the Elote” seasoning from Trader Joe’s.  This is TJ’s latest and greatest product, that I have LITERALLY BEEN PUTTING ON EVERYTHING since I tasted it! I love it on eggs, butternut squash, popcorn, and now…Elote Pasta! Pick up a jar (or two), you won’t regret it.  Next is the frozen “Roasted Corn” at TJ’s.  I’ve seen several food bloggers post about this in the past, but this was my first time trying it, and I am now HOOKED! It has such amazing flavor, cooks up in just a couple minutes, and then you don’t have to get your kitchen splattered in corn juice trying to cut the kernels off the cob (I know I’m not the only one!).

elote, elote pasta, everything but the elote

All in all, this Elote Pasta has been hands down INCREDIBLE since the second I made it up! The pasta is chewy, the silky sauce gives it a “comfort food” vibe without the heaviness, the little bursts of corn add just the right amount of sweet to balance out the peppers + chili powder, and the brightness from the lime to finish it all off makes every bite feel fresh and complete! You will want to put this on your short list of things to make- enjoy!

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